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Homeowners Insurance

Buying a new home? Let us help you find the right policy at the best price. Massachusetts homeowners policies give you a package of coverages that protect your home, your personal property like furniture, clothing, appliances and electronics, etc; and also provide liability protection if you get sued.

Pricing varies dramatically from one company to another, however. We do business with over 40 companies to help you find the best and lowest priced policy.

We will work with both your banker and attorney to give you everything that you need for your closing.

Is your current policy up for renewal? We can help you determine if you are insured adequately and we can usually save you money. Call us for a free quote at 508-852-6600.

We can also give you answers to questions like: How do I know if I have enough coverage for my house? Will my policy keep pace with inflation? How do I cover jewelry, antiques, collections, furs, artwork and other valuables?